About Us

MUSE CONCEPT DESIGN は、コレクション車の修理やアップグレードを行うため、通常は欧州のラグジュアリースポーツカーに使われる世界各地から取り寄せた最高級の素材だけを使用し、質の高い熟練の職人技を提供することを目指します。 



MUSE JAPAN was started in 2002.
A team with deep knowledge, expertise and proven technology established MUSE.

MUSE CONCEPT DESIGN is a company dedicated to developing & manufacturing the finest products available. Dedicated to providing the finest in quality high performance and aesthetic modifications to assist in maximising the most from your vehicle through experience and innovation, we are able to individualize your vehicle to suit your specific needs.

In 2002, MUSE Team opened Japan department in Shizuoka, Japan, specialised titanium product fabrication, automotive interior design and dry carbon products manufacture.

In 2012, MUSE Team started the corporation with MEISTER™ Group, specialised in vehicle restoration parts and classic automotive parts develop and manufacture.

Now MUSE has already setup the partnerships with lots of world famous brands in Japan, USA, UK and Australia, developed quality parts in titanium, dry carbon, Alcantara and all other top-end materials.

Our absolute top priority is your complete satisfaction. If you ever have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.